Chocolate Fountain Hire

Chocolate Fountain Hire London


We have several Chocolate Fountains to select from. Our most popular and premier fountain is our 5 Tier Sephra Fountain that is truly a top of the range fountain. Chocolate Fountain Hire Surrey or London and we are the place to get your dreams fulfilled from.


Whatever the event, make it as sweet as possible. We have a chocolate fountain that will fit for any event whether it be a wedding, party, Corporate , Birthday or ……just an excuse to have something very special at your event!

Chocolate Fountain Hire London


Our Chocolate Fountain Hire is something we pride ourselves greatly in providing with the highest level of quality. We pay attention to detail in everything we do and each and every part of the fountain is decorated to the standards you need


LOVE is one of our most popular themes. We believe we have got this to a very high standard now and always aim to improve whenever possible. One of our event directors will ensure they speak to you many times before the event to ensure personalisation is at the centre of our focus.

Chocolate Fountain Hire Surrey


Halloween, Easter, Christmas. Whatever the season, we provide something to fit for you. Halloween is one of our most  popular times and we would like to impress you with our Chocolate Fountain themed in ghostly sweets ready for trick or treat!


If you have a corporate event, then a Chocolate Fountain would be great to keep everyone smiling. We can brand the Chocolate Fountain to suit you and your organisation. Branding the Fountain with whichever dippings you like! Whatever you choose!

Photo Booth and Ice Cream Cart

DISCOUNT AVAILABLE offers the very best in Photo Booths. Should  you also wish to add to your package with one of our spectacular Chocolate Fountain Hire then we will only be too glad to offer you a discount on the total package


…..also having a Ice Cream Cart or CandyCart? Or how about some Giant Garden Games? If you were to add an additional item to your package, then you will naturally receive a discount from your total package.

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